Autopen Model 60

Armature of the Autopen Model 60The Autopen Model 60 was an update to the Autopen Model 50.  The basic characteristics of the two signature machines, however, are largely identical.  Both consist of a turntable holding a plastic signature matrix driving two cams.  These cams – connected to an armature apparatus – in turn move a pen holder, which is capable of holding any type of writing instrument. A foot pedal enables hands-free operation. Automatic mode continually rotates the turntable, pausing briefly in between signatures to give the Autopen operator time to change out the document.

Signature Matrix in Autopen machineAn analysis of the Autopen Model 60 was detailed in an October 1973 Journal of Forensic Science article titled “The Autopen”. At the time, it retailed for $1,300.