DAMILIC Corporation was formed in May 1990 to apply new technology for customers wishing to improve their manufacturing processes.  During the Summer of 1998 we began providing service for the International Autopen Company, and later in that same year acquired the company in its entirety, along with rights to the name “Autopen”. Since that acquisition, we have been striving to provide our customers with the highest quality products in the industry. Some of the major contributions for our customers are listed below:

Precision Signature Template (“Matrix”)

In January 1999 we replaced the traditional hardened vinyl material used in Autopen signature templates with aerospace Plexiglas. The use of this material allows more precise manufacturing techniques and eliminates the requirement for periodic refurbishment of templates.

Computer-Based System With Signature Edit Capability

In June 2000 we purchased the Signature Systems® Company and its patent for computer-based signature signing machines. We immediately replaced the specialized DOS machine specific software with a Windows® based system providing a graphic interface that can be used with any Windows compatible plotter or printer.  We began further development of software for Autopen products.

Portable Autopen™

Based on our more precise template fabrication procedures, we developed a “suitcase size” Autopen (Model PT) and began shipment of this product in the first quarter of 2002.

Digitally Controlled Signature Signing Machine

While developing a more reliable version of the Signature Systems stand-alone, automatic sheet feed signature signing machine, we discovered the high quality of Signascript, the leading European manufacturer of signature signing machines, and began importing their well proven and reliable smaller signature signing machines in early 2003.

Note Writing Software

In 2003 we developed a software package capable of converting typed text into notes based on an individual’s personal handwriting style. We incorporated this software into our standard MP303 product in the summer of 2005. It is now incorporated into our AF Plus product providing customers with the ability to create “handwritten” notes and envelope addresses.

We are actively developing this software and working to supply the direct mail industry with the highest quality handwriting reproductions possible.