Frequently Asked Questions of The Autopen Company

Why use a signature signing machine?

Signature signing machines from The Autopen Company have long been used by the most influential leaders in government, business, the military, and academia, who value the impact of personalized correspondence. Signature signing machines allow professionals to more effectively apply their time and attention to important issues without compromising the impact of personalized correspondence.

What is a signature signing machine?

A signature signing machine automatically produces an individual’s handwriting and signature on many kinds of documents, such as correspondence, photos, greeting cards, books, and diplomas.

Is the signature an exact reproduction of the individual’s handwriting?


How much writing will the machine take?

The amount of writing space is determined by the reach of the writing arm and therefore, depends on the machine. Since it is easiest to think of the practical writing space in terms of a rectangle, the nominal specification for the Signascript products is 3″ x 5″. The nominal writing space for our legacy Autopen products is 1″ x 3″.

However, in both cases, the machines will write “outside of the box.” In our experience, with a little special handling, the Signascript models can satisfy most requests for larger signatures if the longest dimension does not exceed 8″.  Please contact us to learn more.

Who uses signature signing machines?

Users of signature signing machines come from many fields such as elected officials, government, corporations, the military, academia, the entertainment industry, and associations.

Are signature signing machines easy to use?

Yes. All of our systems are easy to use and require minimal training.

Can the pen speed be varied?

Yes. The pen speed can be varied as required by the pen and paper.

What types of paper sizes and card stocks can be used on our signature signing machines?

Our signature signing machines systems will accept almost any type of paper and card stock.

Are automatic-feed signature signing machines available?

Yes. Damilic Corporation has both manual feed and auto-feed systems available depending on your volume needs.

Are special pens required for our signature signing machines?

No. Our Signascript and Autopen systems use any type of standard writing instrument including fountain pens, ballpoint pens, felt markers, mechanical pencils, and even crayons.

Can signature signing machines be used to autograph pictures and books?

Yes. Most of our systems will easily autograph pictures. Two of our machines can autograph any size book. These machines have been used to sign sporting equipment, musical instruments, toys, and other memorabilia.

Are signature signing machines secure?

Yes. All of our systems have either a secure password or optional locks.

What is the size and weight of our signature signing machines?

The largest dimension on any machine ranges from 13″ to 35″. The weight ranges from 16 to 85 pounds.

Can typed text be converted to handwriting?

Yes, for special customized projects. Please contact us if you have a specific project to discuss.

Please contact The Autopen Company to discuss the different signature signing machines we offer so that we can help you select the best machine for your office needs.