Autopen Model 80

Autopen M80 Signing Letter

The Autopen™ Model 80 is a simple, reliable signing machine and uses a signature template to reproduce various types of handwriting. The rewritten script is virtually indistinguishable from the original script and utilizes any type of writing instrument. This time saving device is most often used for general business and public service purposes.

The Model 80 is used primarily for signing office correspondence, direct mail materials, fundraising letters, diplomas, and awards. An Autopen signature can be placed on almost anything that needs the attention of a written signature. It can be equipped with security features, enlargement capabilities and other custom configurations to meet your specifications. The signature templates can be stored in an optional cabinet to prevent unauthorized use of a template.

The standard Model 80 writing area is approximately 1″ high by 3″ across. The Model 80LF, using a higher precision template, is available for applications requiring larger signatures, up to 1½” X 4½”.