Any Pen, Any Surface

At just 16 lbs, the easy-to-use Signascript Atlantic series is the perfect choice for your automatic signature needs. An Atlantic machine can reproduce your signature or short note using any writing instrument. Any surface that can be signed by hand can be signed by signature machines – from letters to sports memorabilia to business cards. Lightweight and portable, the Atlantic series is easily stored or shared between offices. With an ordinary SD card reader/removable disk drive, signature files can be easily changed or updated. Both pen pressure and speed can be varied.

Signature Machines from Autopen

After over 65 years in business, The Autopen Company knows how to re-create signatures and short notes with the highest fidelity. We pride ourselves in our machines’ simplicity of use, the quality of our automatic signatures, and the overall reliability of our signature machines. Our service is world class and we look forward to supporting the needs of your office.

Need automatic paper feed? Take a look at the Signascript AF line of paper-fed signature machines.

Personalized Correspondence, Faster

Save Time: Share the load of signing and note-writing amongst a staff of people; keep one person from being the bottleneck on signatures.

Efficiency without Compromise: Apply your time and attention to important issues without compromising the impact of personalized correspondence

Quality & Versatility

Any Pen: With the dual-barrelled pen holder, use any standard or oversized writing instrument. Ballpoint pens, fountain pens, markers, even crayons – if you can hold it, the machine can use it

Any Surface: Sign any document, from posters to the smallest of note cards. Or, use it to sign books, DVD/CD covers, stapled sheets or self-adhesive papers. It can even sign sports equipment like baseballs, bats and mitts.

Always Available: We pride ourselves on quality of product and service. With a 180 day factory warranty, and a variety of maintenance service plans available, your signature machine will always be operational.

Multiple Signatures: The Atlantic series makes it easy to select between different signatures in your office – multiple signatures can be stored on the same SD card. Have the capacity to imprint anyone in the office’s signature.


Large Writing Area: There’s plenty of room for notes or large signatures – up to 8″ max. dimension!

Security: With all signature-related information kept on the removable SD card, it’s easy to lock away and control access to your signature. Additionally, the Atlantic+ model includes password protection and usage counters to monitor for – and protect against – improper use.

Control Every Aspect of Appearance: Signature appearance is influenced by speed and applied pen pressure. The Atlantic series lets you control both, giving you a true duplicate of your signature’s appearance.

Easy to Use, Easy to Store

Simplicity: One button operation means anyone can be up and running on the Atlantic series in no time.

Hands-free Operation: The Atlantic foot-pedal makes signing a snap! Just position the document and use your foot to initiate the signature.

Pen Pre-Positioning: A feature you will come to appreciate, the pen is pre-positioned before each signature. It’s easy to tell where your signature or note will appear.

Easy to Change Pens: Two easy-to-use thumb screws make changing pens simple. Use different colors or styles of pen with minimal hassle.

Auto Rewrite: The Atlantic+ features an auto-rewrite button, enabling fast, continuous operation. Just place the next document under the pen as the machine re-signs automatically.

Portable: At just 16 lbs, the Atlantic series is easy to move and store.

Quiet: Noise levels are minimal so use does not disturb anyone in the office.

Additional Options

Accessories: A variety of accessories available for the Atlantic signature machine series include a custom-fitted light panel, foot pedal, SD card reader, and dust cover.

“Total System Package”: The Atlantic is available for purchase as part of our “total system” bundle, which includes signing machine, light table, foot pedal, and SD card reader.

Atlantic Atlantic+
Pen Type Any standard or oversized writing instrument
# Signatures / card 3 Virtually Unlimited
Memory Card Size (std/max) 2MB/32GB
Hands-free operation Foot pedal Foot Pedal + auto-rewrite
Security Lockable SD Card Lockable SD Card + passwords
Monitoring Electronic Usage Counter
Writing Area 3″x6″
Pen Postitioning Pen Pre-positioning + optional light table
Size – arms retracted (w x d x h) 12″ x 13″ x 6¼”
Size – arms extended (w x d x h) 12″ x 18¾” x 6¼”
Weight 16 lbs
Power Supply 110V or 220V (optional), 1 Amp
Noise < 40 dB
Factory Warranty 180 days
Available Maintenance Options Standard, Plus, On-site