Handwriting & Signature Machines

Production-level capacity, throughput, and quality

The Signascript AF line of signing machines has been engineered specifically with high-volume users in mind. Flexible, fast, and secure, this line is the best automatic paper feed signature machine ever to be made available. Jobs can be accomplished largely unattended: the line features an impressive 500 sheet capacity. When paper does run out, just add more, and operation continues smoothly until the job is done. Operating these machines could not be easier. Combined with software proprietary to the Autopen Company, these machines become handwriting machines, capable of personalizing envelopes and letters.

Like the Atlantic series, the AF series can use any writing instrument. The paper feed accepts a wide variety of paper, from standard copy paper to heavy cardstock; size can range from as large as 12″ x 18″ to as small as 3″ x 5″. Both pen pressure and speed can be configured per run, enabling perfect signature reproduction on every sheet.

The AF+ model is a particularly exciting model. Enhanced with state-of-the-art software from The Autopen Company, the machine can be programmed to write a different note on each sheet – in your own handwriting! In addition to signature and note reproduction, envelope addressing and specific personalization are now possible.

Personalized Correspondence, Faster

Save Time: The AF series is completely automatic and can be run unattended. Throughput can be as high as 1000 sheets per hour, with 500 per hour typical. Up to 500 sheets can be loaded at a time.

Individual Personalization: With the AF+, every sheet can be different. Address envelopes, personalize notes with names even write fully custom notes.

Quality & Versatility

Any Pen: Use any standard writing instrument; using an included dual-barrel pen holder, use oversize pens or markers too.

Always Available: We pride ourselves on quality of product and service. With a 90 day factory warranty, and a variety of maintenance service plans available, your signature machine will always be operational.

Multiple Signatures: The AF line can keep track of nearly an unlimited number of signatures or notes.

Automatic Operation

Large Capacity: The AF line is truly production-ready, with a sheet capacity of 500 documents. With optional software, the AF+ can be used to handwrite envelopes. Up to 250 envelopes can be processed at once.

Text-Sensing Capablity: The model AF has an optional optical scanner which can scan the document to determine the correct signing position automatically.

Variable Autofeed: The AF line can accommodate a wide range of paper thicknesses, from thin copy paper to thick card stock.


Large Writing Area: There’s plenty of room for notes or large signatures – up to 8″ max dimension!

Security: Signature-related information is kept on the removable media, so it’’s easy to lock away and control access to your signature. Additionally, the AF line includes password protection.

Usage Monitoring: Usage counters to monitor for (and protect against) improper use. Count multiple ways: by user or by machine.

Multiple Writing Positions: Writing can be placed anywhere on the document. Up to five different positions can be stored into memory.

Control Every Aspect of Appearance: Signature appearance is influenced by speed and applied pen pressure. The AF line lets you control both, giving you a true reproduction of your signature or handwriting appearance.

Easy to Use, Easy to Store

Easy to Run: The AF line memorizes up to 30 different setups (combinations of passwords and job configurations) making even complex jobs easy to operate.

Easy to Change Pens: The single thumb screw makes changing pens a breeze. Use different colors or styles of pen with minimal hassle.

Pen Pre-Positioning: The pen is pre-positioned before each signature. It’s easy to tell where your signature or note will appear.  The AF II can even sense the right place to sign automatically.

Minimal Footprint:
The machine requires just 15″ x 23″ of table space. An optional wheeled cart is available to make the machine easy to move.

Quiet: Noise levels are minimal, making operation possible in an office environment.

Additional Options

Paper Reversal: Optional paper reversal available, enabling completed documents to finish face-down.

Accessories: An optional wheeled cart is available for the AF line. A cover is also available.

Speed Up to 1000 signatures/hour (500/hour typical)
Max Capacity 500 Sheets 500 Sheets/250 envelopes
Handwriting Software Optional
# Signatures/card Virtually unlimited
Paper Size From 3″x5″ to 12″x18″
Paper Thickness Variable
Memory Card Size (std/max) 2 MB/32 GB
Security Lockable SD card + user-defined passwords
Monitoring Electronic Usage Counter (by user or by machine)
Writing Area 3″x6″
Pen Positioning Pen Pre-positioning + optional text-sensing Pen Pre-positioning
Size 15″x23″x19″
Weight 86 lbs (ships in 2 boxes)
Power Supply 10V or 220V (optional), 1 Amp
Noise < 50 dB
Factory Warranty 90 days
Expected Lifetime 3,000,000 Signatures
Available Maintenance Options Standard, On-site