Signature Systems MP5300

Similar to the MP303, the Signature Systems MP5300 was a versatile computer-based system that can take a wide variety of paper sizes and card stock.

The signing system consists of a plotter and software package for installation into an existing computer. This system provides a Windows compatible hardware/software system that reproduces signatures with computer accuracy. The SignatureWare software provides easy access to all commands through pull-down menus and a tool bar.

Signatures can be resized and repositioned on the page by typing in the signature’s desired position or simply using the mouse to drag the signature to the proper location on the page. Cutting and pasting is also available, allowing the development of unique phrases. Combinations of signatures/words with different pen styles and/or colors are also possible.

Security provisions allow password protected access to the software and/or individual signature files. Open access or security encoded signatures can be provided on 3.5-inch floppy disks, CD, or by email.

The system can be used with our optional notewriting software to provide simulated handwritten notes generated from text files and/or previously recorded signatures.