Signascript Model Universelle

The Signascript Model Universelle, the predecessor to the Signascript Model AFSignascript Universelle from The Autopen Company, was designed for users with the need for a flexible, 500-page (800 sheets of copy paper), automatic paper feed system. The Universelle can accept paper stock as short as 3 inches in length and thicknesses from copy paper to poster board. An optional paper handling unit with paper-reversing capabilities is available to maintain the sorting direction for customers with mail-merge needs. As with all of the Signascript systems, the approximate 3″ x 6″ writing area offers writing options for holiday and note cards not available on other commercial signature replication systems.

The replaceable signature cartridge (about the size of a ¾” thick business card) enables all Signascript systems to write one or several signatures or complete personalized messages within the available writing area. In addition, any number of cartridges can be used with a machine, allowing for the secure use by multiple users within a business or organization.

The paper handling system is very fast. Machine pause to advance paper between sighatures is 1½ seconds. Typical signing rates are 500 sheets/hour; some simple “iconic” marks have been clocked at rates greater than 1,000/hour. This product is ideal for large jobs, providing fast turn around in focussed mail communications.

The unit will easily fit on a desk or table top or an optional stand/cart (shown in photo) is available. An adapter to reverse pages, maintaining same face-up order, is also available for standard letter size papers.


Height: 19 inches (without cartridge)
Width: 15 inches (allow additional 2″ for full writing arm movement)
Depth: 22½ inches (allow additional for paper output)

Power Requirements: 110 volts, 1 amp (can be configured for 220 volts)