Signascript Model TF

The Signascript Model TF signing machine was for tractor feed forms and could accommodate multi-part forms.

The Model TF is similar to other Signascript signing machines. It uses any standard writing instrument such as fountain pens, ball point pens, felt markers. It is designed for tractor feed form handling. A writing pressure adjustment will accommodate up to four part forms.

As in other Signascript machines of the time, the signature is stored in a convenient cartridge with password protection. An administrator can set passwords and maximum number of signatures for each user. A totaling counter records the number of signatures or texts made by the machine, without the possibility of resetting the counter.

Form size can be established in any increment of 1/6 of an inch, providing great flexibility in the number and types of forms that can automatically signed. Speed varies according to the length of the text or signature.

Capability of signing every other sheet; Ability to detect a marker cell; Allowing signature to be signed at various heights on pages.


Machine dimension (in cm): H. 1,10 – L. 50 – P. 60

Weight (in kg): 50

Power supply: 110, 220 volts 50 Hz 110 W