Signascript Model HF

The Model HF was one of the most flexible general purpose signing machines available at the time of its release. Using any standard writing instrument such as fountain pens, ball point pens, pencils or felt markers, it will sign documents ranging from large posters to the smallest of note cards. It will also sign a wide variety of items such as diplomas, books, DVD/CD covers, souvenirs, memorabilia, athletic equipment, business cards, self-adhesive papers, and stapled sheets. With an inverted signature cartridge, the machine can be used to sign large, oversized posters.

As with all of the Signascript systems, the approximate 3″ x 6″ writing area offers a generous number of writing options including phrases and larger signatures.

A cartridge about the size of a 3/4″ thick credit card contains the signature and/or written message. Security is provided through a password system for individual users. A maximum number of signatures can be established for each user. Speed varies according to the length of your text or signature. Total usage of a signature cartridge is continuously recorded for security and management control.

The unit size and weight allow it to be easily moved between offices. A foot pedal initiates the signature start. The smaller size and weight coupled with a larger writing area made this unit a popular upgrade replacement for the Autopen Model 80.